Our healthy and tasty range of consists of 97% fat-free and reduced salt products. We are HACCP (NASA's food safety standard) accredited and Woolworth's Quality Assured. Hunsa only uses Australian pork, beef and chicken in its products.



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Shaved Meats

Our shaved range is made from Australian grown meats, carefully crafted in our Mandurah processing facility and thinly sliced for your enjoyment. The range includes Ham, Beef, Poultry and Salami products.

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Sliced Meats
Made in our Mandurah facility using traditional recipes, then sliced and vacuum-packed for your convenience. A thicker cut than our shaved meats range.
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We use locally sourced pork to create all your favourite cuts of bacon, from our American style Streaky Bacon to full Middle Rashers.

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Our finely crafted sausage range is made with locally sourced meats using traditional European recipes. Pre-cooked for your convenience, just heat them up and enjoy the flavours.
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Our delicious patés are made using locally sourced meats. Thse are ideal for a snack or grazing platter, along with a glass of your favourite beverage.

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From the cooked-on-the-bone Christmas classic to boneless hams, we use only Australian Pork and traditional curing methods to produce a high quality product that is full of flavour.
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